50+ Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

It’s time to sit down in front of the TV and load up the table with healthy Super Bowl recipes for the big game! Appetizers, pizza, sandwiches, dips, burgers and more!

A collage of recipes for the Super Bowl.

It’s time for some of our favorite healthy Super Bowl recipes! Super Bowl Sunday is just days away and, depending on whether or not you’re a football fan, that means you’re either excited about the game, the food or the ads.

At the dinner table the other night, my youngest son rattled off all of the things that he wanted to eat on game day. I started to chuckle because he clearly put a lot of thought into the menu and…well…he obviously gets his one-track mind from his mum.

Truth be told, I like watching the game almost as much as snacking on the appetizers. “Almost”, because nothing beats guacamole and shredded slow cooker chicken!

I enjoy a plate of wings as much as the next sports fan, but life and eating are all about balance. For game day, I like to put out a selection of healthy appetizers and entrees. And if you’re a regular around here, you know that healthy doesn’t mean flavorless!

Here are some of my favorite dips, nibbles and entrees that I like to serve up at any time of the year, but are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday:

Healthy Super Bowl Dips

Healthy Super Bowl Appetizers

Healthy Meatballs for Super Bowl

Healthy Super Bowl Sandwiches & Burgers

Healthy Super Bowl Tacos & Quesadillas

Healthy Super Bowl Main Dishes

Healthy Super Bowl Pizza


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