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A lot of students are aware of the benefits of a good VPN (Virtual Private Network). Whether you’re working on public WIFI at the college coffee shop, streaming Netflix, or trading crypto, a VPN can keep your information safe and your computer or phone secure.

The good news is that NordVPN offers students a special discount that’s even better than their featured deal for the public. Here’s how the NordVPN student discount works.

NordVPN Student Discounts, Deals:

NordVPN has a special discount for college students. A couple of these discounts are through organizations that require student verification such as a college email address. However, the featured discount below seems to be just as good as the student discount and requires no student verification.

Best NordVPN discounts for students:

nordvpn student discount free month
  1. 65% off + free month – This youtube promotion is the best deal now for the public. It also offers an extra free month than the standard student promotion
  2. NordVpn Student Deals – There are NordVPN student discounts for up to an extra 15% from student organizations on this page at
  3. Student Beans – You’ll find a special NordVPN student deal through but you’ll need a verified student account
  4. UK Student Discount – If you live in the UK and are a student or student-teacher age 18-26 you’ll find a special discount through

Tip: You can lock in the discount pricing for up to 2 years at signup, which is a good idea as the cost doubles when the promotion ends!

Now that you know how to get the NordVPN student discount, let’s talk about why getting a VPN is a smart idea for everyone, including college students and teachers.

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NordVPN College Student Discounts:

There are over 15 million college students enrolled at various state and private universities this year, and they can all get a great discount on NordVPN. Here are the top colleges using the NordVPN student discount:

  1. Penn State NordVPN student discount
  2. University of Michigan student discount
  3. Ohio State college student discount
  4. Florida State student discount
  5. UCLA students get a special discount on NordVPN

Students can get a discount on any NordVPN plan, but is it worth the money? Here’s why students should invest in a VPN.

Why Should Students Get a NordVPN?

When I was in college we didn’t have to worry about buying a VPN because the world wasn’t trying to steal our data! I guess that’s the tradeoff for convenience, as my only phone at school was the one plugged into my dorm room wall.

Anyway, kids are savvy nowadays are savvy and really resent being spied on or having their phones hacked.

Here are the top 5 reasons students should have a NordVPN:

  1. Not all websites and apps are secure, so without a VPN your data could be stolen
  2. Public WiFi is inherently insecure. Don’t even think about online banking, shopping, or trading crypto on an insecure school or public network
  3. Gaming: A student gamer can avoid bandwidth throttling while staying secure with a VPN
  4. Unblock websites, content, and file sharing. Educational websites might be blocked by your school or even by your government. A VPN hides your location and fixes this
  5. Data security: With a NordVPN, third parties can’t spy on student internet activity or harvest a student’s data like the photos, video, or private information on their phone

Tip: Many students buy a VPN to circumvent the account-sharing restrictions imposed by Netflix and other streaming sites

NordVPN Student Discount on Reddit?

You’ll find all kinds of codes posted on Reddit and YouTube including ones that claim to offer a discount on NordVPN for students. However, these links appear to simply be clickbait, so I would advise not clicking on them.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if you got a computer virus from a fake NordVPN coupon link?

Actually, posting unsanctioned codes on Reddit goes against guidelines for NordVPN student brand ambassadors.

In Conclusion…

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

Because college students spend about 6 hours each day on screens, a VPN from a top brand like NordVPN is a great investment for security and privacy.

If you are a student (or just a student of life?) and do buy a VPN, I hope we were about to save you some extra money with these NordVPN student discounts.

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