Acupressure Points to Cure Prostate Problem without Side Effect

The reproductive organ of males is called the prostate. Its purpose is to release fluids that protect and feeds the sperm cells of a male. However, males can experience prostate problems, and men above 50 years face prostate issues though it is seen in males in their 40s also. Acupressure for prostate problems is a natural and effective solution. Read on to know more.

Acupressure for Prostate problems

Acupressure for prostate problems is an effective and natural solution.

Causes of Prostate Problems

Many times doctors cannot determine the actual cause behind prostate problems. However, various factors, such as changes in testicle cells and aging, are considered responsible for different issues in the prostate gland. It is believed that the probability of having BPH increases with age. Other factors contributing to BPH include changes in male hormones, formation of fibrosis, and inflammation.

In another condition, the prostate gland may shrink and reduce in size. It is more likely to happen in men who have their testicles removed. The prostate may grow in size as the number of testicle cells increases.

At an early stage of BPH, the bladder muscles become thicker. As a result, urine is forced through the much narrowed urethral tube, thereby increasing the sensitivity and frequent urge to urinate. The urethra gets squeezed with enlarging prostate, and the patient may develop subsequent bladder problems.

Moreover, researchers believe that Chronic prostatitis is caused by infection of tiny organisms similar to bacteria. Other causes may include pelvic nerve damage, prior urinary tract infections, or chemicals in the urine.

treat prostate with acupressure

treat the prostate problem with acupressure

Types of Prostate problems

There are mainly three types of prostate problems and a man may experience one or more of these conditions-

  • Inflammation or prostatitis – this condition can occur in men in the age group 30 to 50 years
  • Non-cancerous prostate enlargement or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ( BPH) – this is found in older men, though not a dangerous but still a significant condition.
  • Prostate Cancer – Mostly men above the age of 50 years face this prostate condition

Hence, if you have a family history of prostate problems or you are in your 50s/ 60s, then do consult your doctor for a regular prostate gland checkup.

Common Symptoms of Prostate Problems

So, here are some symptoms that may or may not occur in prostate conditions-

difficulty in urinating

painful urination

the feeling of urinating often, especially at night

feeling as if the bladder is not completely empty.

Cure Prostate Problem with Acupressure

We have discussed how to get relief from enlarged prostate with natural remedies. Here we will let you know how to cure prostate problems with acupressure. Check out Acupressure points to cure prostate problems in the figure given below:

Acupressure points to cure prostate problem


For severe problems, you should see a doctor. There are some precautions while treating health issues with acupressure. You may take care of some precautions while doing acupressure. These precautions are-

If you are suffering from any chronic disease, long-standing illness, or a disorder involving tissue change or degeneration, you should not do acupoint stimulation. Take care that you never apply pressure to the acupoints before or after 1/2 hour of taking a hot water bath or taking your meal.

To track the exact acupressure point you should massage the nearby area and apply the pressure where you feel more pain. Massaging will help in additional benefits as it will remove any blockage in the blood flow.

Acupressure for Emotional Healing

Prostate pressure points work wonders for age-related prostate issues. Regular practice of Acupuncture by stimulating different prostate pressure points can help alleviate prostatitis and BPH. It also gradually reduces relapse rates. Acupuncture works by promoting local blood circulation in the prostate area through various prostate pressure points. It thereby improves the functioning of the urethra and bladder and alleviates overall symptoms related to different prostate problems. In addition to Acupuncture, you can take the following steps to keep the prostate healthy all along:

  • Consume a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats. Add foods rich in selenium to your diet.
  • Remember not to take any natural supplements or drugs without consultation with your doctor.
  • Most importantly, maintain good hygiene and keep your penis clean.

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Information provided by acupressure specialist Mr.M.R.Monga. He is 93 years old and has a vast knowledge of acupressure and treated thousands of people free of charge.

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