Best Running Websites to Answer All Your Questions (2023)

For years Run To The Finish was just a blog about my running and then suddenly in 2012 my journalism roots took hold and it became a full fledged running website with deep, researched articles on every imaginable topic of running.

While I hope you can find much of what you need here from busting running myths to lost mojo to “I’m too old”, there are a lot of other really incredible sites out there.

Some focusing on trails or Boston Qualifying paces or just another take on the things I write about. I hope this list of best running websites helps you find exactly what you need.

If you’re looking specifically for top running blogs, checkout that post first!

Before I get going I want to make two incredibly important points:

  1. Don’t get bogged down in reading too much, just get out there and go.
  2. Celebrate every single milestone.

The gels, the shoes, the form that’s the 10% which will make a difference after you get going.

90% is just getting out the door repeatedly to allow your body to become accustomed to this crazy new idea you’ve decided to try.

Without further ado all the information about running you could ever want (assuming you haven’t read my book).

Top Running Websites

The following sites provide a lot of running information throughout the week that cover training, nutrition, gear, motivation and stories of real runners.

Many also ensure that their articles are from coaches, long time runners or those with certifications in the area of the running websitesA couple of my favorite articles from these sites to get you started on the content that they provide:

Runner’s World

This incredible site is the online home of Runner’s World magazine. You’ll find running news, race recaps, running shoe reviews, gear tips and more. It’s the top running magazine in the world, so if you’re looking for a place to read up on running some more it’s a great place to start.

One of the few on this list that is going to be behind a pay wall. But you really can’t talk about running without mentioning them!

Runners Connect

Runners Connect is a great website run by running coaches with the mission of sharing well-researched articles to help runners of all levels. Their articles answer questions about training and avoiding the latest fads.

Check out this article to learn if pickle juice really cure muscle cramps to get started.


Runtastic in a running blog by Adidas that features content for both new and seasoned runners.

The blog posts cover a wide range of topics, from profiles of everyday and professional runners to general training tips, motivation and support, running gear, and more.

Here’s a great section to read some running success stories to get started.

Believe In The Run

Believe in the Run is a website that provides honest reviews of running shoes, apparel, and accessories. It also provides training advice and covers running news.

I’ve met this crew and they are great people. I can only hope my reviews match theirs!


LetsRun is a website that provides in-depth coverage of professional running events and news. It also features a message board where runners can discuss training, racing, and other running-related topics.

A great option since has gone away.

Trail Runner Mag

Trail Runner is a website that provides information on trail running, including training tips, gear reviews, and race coverage. Obviously a great choice for those looking to dive more in to the trail side of running where you’re going to find more specific knowledge.


This is a great website that features a huge round up of tips coming your way all the time and most are actually logical and useful, like what actually matters when shoe shopping and 5 tips for the perfect taper.

Outside Online

A great website Podium Runner is now part of Outside Run, which is part of Outside Online and features authoritative, authentic advice on running.

Here’s an interesting article from Amby Burfoot on faster strides for faster racing.


If you’re looking for a website for strength training and other cross training ideas, then this website is perfect for you! You’ll find a ton of home workout ideas, recipes, gear and gadget reviews to become a better runner.

Check out this great article for ideas for strength training at home to get started. is a great website and online community for anyone looking to discover, share, and learn more about running and other activities you have a passion for.

Here’s an incredible article to train your brain to help you run faster (and of course find a race to sign up for!)

Running Information to Help With Injuries

Step 1: Don’t Google any potential injury.

Step 2: Learn from all those before you who neglected strength training and ended up injured.

Step 3: Check out my list of common running injuries to get started on recovery.

Best websites for injury prevention information

Yoga with Adrienne

Great resource for runners yoga from both the athletic perspective and how to embrace restorative yoga once you get deeper in to training.

Finish Line PT

They have provided a set of videos online that will help to improve mobility and keep at bay pesky issues like IT Band Syndrome.

Sweat Science

Break out your inner nerd and learn what happens in your body when you pop an Advil after running or how to what’s really in those vitamin drinks and is it helping you.

Sprint Rehab

Offers ongoing tips and a great online course that will give you weekly moves to stay out of the Dr’s office for an injury. I have implemented many of her suggestions.

Injury Prevention Tips around here:

Best strength training for runners >>
Top injury prevention moves for runners >>
Best cross training for runners >>

Sports Nutrition Websites

Running smarter isn’t just about the mileage.

Sports nutrition should be personalized to your body, your goals and your lifestyle. While I have been fortunate to talk with a number of certified nutritionists in the last few years, that wasn’t always the case.

Following are some resources to help you start testing out different styles of eating and getting down the basics on food and supplements for runners.Websites with sports nutrition information

No Meat Athlete

Of course I’m partial to the plant based lifestyle, though I don’t follow it 100%, but really what I love here is the variety of information from recipes to tips on making changes to details about specific nutrients.


Not only is Marni a Registered Dietitian, but she is a 9 time Ironman finisher and extraordinary coach. She often shares recipes, fueling tips and more on her blog…but beware she LOVES her science so you may have to weed through that if it’s not your thing.

Hammer Nutrition

I like the variety of details provided from 5 signs of chronic dehydration to why you might reconsider honey as a fuel option.

Recipes for Runners

One of the keys to any of the above nutrition advice is always whole foods. Here are some great sites by runners, R.D.s and healthy eaters that will help keep you fueled.

The Big Man’s World

– If you love a good sweet, but want it to be healthy or protein packed or gluten free or sugar free, man does he have you covered.

Oh She Glows

Nothing but 100% vegan, whole food recipes here. From homemade taco seasoning to green smoothies. Recipes are a bit more complex and varied for you foodies.

The Healthy Apple

If you’ve started to realize food allergies are making you feel bad, this is a great place to learn more and find recipes that will leave you feeling great.


Focused on eating lower carb, but still need enough to run? Checkout her whole food based recipes.


I have a boards I update almost daily with more recipe ideas

Food Logging Sites

Many runners also find it helpful to spend a little time tracking their food intake to see if they are in fact rewarding themselves a bit too much for miles run or missing out on eating enough protein, carbs and fat to fuel their workouts. I recommend one with an app so you never miss logging.

Free options: MyFitnessPal | My Plate

Running Groups

Don’t be afraid of running groups. You are never too slow, too old or too anything to be welcomed by true runners. We LOVE when anyone wants to take up the sport.

If one group doesn’t work, try another every group has a different dynamic.

Read more on getting over your fear of joining a group >>Find a Running Group

These running websites will give you ways to find runners near you.

One of the easiest places to start looking for groups in your area is, you’ll often find the beer run group, the speed work group and the run/walk group.

Local Stores

Most local running stores from the large chain likes Fleet Feet to your single store have at least one weekly group run. Your local running store will probably have the inside scoop on any local running clubs in your area.

Charity Teams

Charity teams like Team in Training or World Vision are a great place to start a they will have a coach and immediate accountability.

Running Motivation Resources

I’m a reader at heart, so I’ve probably shared some of these with you before…but the focus here is once again on free!

Fun running is a HUGE reason to show up. Not every run is about speed or a training plan, it’s about what running gives us.resources for running motivation Photo by GoKCenarkian


Rich Roll

His podcast will certainly introduce you to people doing extraordinary things and give you time to think about your food choices impacting your life, running and mood as well.


Check with your local library, many magazines like Runners World are available online to be checked out for up to 7 days. Plus you’ll find many of the audiobooks for runners that I love.


I’m a fan of reading blogs for motivation because I can often relate so well to those sharing their story. Here are just a few that I’ve followed over there years to remind me of the wide variety of runners out there — I created a list of bloggers who are still writing and categorized them here >>


Beyond blogs, I am HUGELY motivated when I scroll through my Instagram feed everyday and see people who are crushing their workouts, having a blast with running or sharing seriously rough patches, but still showing up.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Tri and Run Girl: Holy smokes this woman just keeps getting faster, but always with a smile and total joy
  • Toni Hearts Running: A fellow running coach I appreciate the mindset tools she discusses and she loves to run fast
  • Amanda Brooks (Me!): I hope I make you want to run and enjoy it regardless of pace.
  • Danielle Pascente: I’ve never met anyone who makes me want to do a burpee in my life, until her!

Marathon Training Plans

Marathon training websites are often steeped in one specific style of training. I’ve covered many of those different options on this site to help you find the RIGHT one for you.

I’ve discussed how to build your own training plan and the benefits of a coach, but if you are just starting out and unsure of how many miles to run to get going a free online plan can be a great way to start learning what’s too much and not enough.

76 top running resources for training, motivation and nutrition #RunChat Click To Tweet

Racing Tools

Once you’ve gotten your plan, the best way to stick to it is to put a little money and pride on the line by signing up for a race.

Here are a few websites to help you find one in your area or maybe enjoy a racecation {my personal favorite}.Resources to find a great race for your goalsPhoto by Tattooedandrunningit

Free Running Apps

No need to go out and spend tons to get started, there are some tools you have access to from day 1 for tracking your miles or figuring out how far you ran or how far to run!



No GPS watch, no issue. You can map out a run to see your distance after you finish. It’s also a fantastic tool for figuring out runs when traveling.


A free app that will get you from the couch to your first 5k! Though I do have a free printable C25K plan available for you as well!

Free Music

No need to download tons of songs to find out what works for you. Try Spotify or Amazon Prime Music (I like to download songs to use offline on race day for free without need of WiFi) or any of my favorite podcasts for running.

Free Tracking

LogYourRun, Daily Mile, there are tons of great free online tools – If you like sharing it with others to get support and feedback then checkout DailyMile, prefer to keep your numbers to yourself then LogYourRun might be better.

DC Rain Maker

Not an app, but this should be at the top of your list for places to go once you consider making a big fitness purchase because he has probably reviewed it in serious detail. If you’re ready to buy a treadmill then I definitely recommend the in depth reviews on
Answering your top running questions from how to start running to how to run with a dog to carbo loading


Of course I have to recommend my favorite running articles that have come up on RunToTheFinish over the years.

Maybe favorite is the wrong word…but the stories that you’ve often told me were most useful immediately to your runs.

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