Self-esteem is the driving force behind everything we do. When it bottoms out, so do we. And given how often it happens, that’s a problem. Low self-esteem? Beware the two headed monster.

Indeed, in our minds we’re exactly what we think all day long – pretty much worthless.

Depression, anxiety, mania – expectations, letdowns, blame, guilt, shame, defeat.

Is it any wonder those of us with a mood or anxiety disorder are often devoured by low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem: The two headed monster

Don’t doubt it, low self-esteem is a ferocious two headed monster, each side constantly feeding the other.

Here’s how it works…

One head delivers the low self-esteem generated by our mental, emotional, and biological attributes. The other dumps a second – even larger – load in response.

And the vicious cycle can be endless.

The only way to defend ourselves is to change how we think, feel, and behave. But keep in mind, that only happens when insight and acceptance are priorities.

That’s how we neutralize the two headed monster.

Size up, engage, and monitor

Like anything else we deal with, the neutralizing process is never easy, even if we have a well-rehearsed plan in our back pocket.

Look, here’s the bottom-line. If that two headed beast isn’t sized up, engaged, and monitored, we’ll face one humiliating beating after another.

And make no mistake, low self-esteem will spread like wildfire into all aspects of our lives, making our mood and anxiety circumstances an even more intense living hell.

I mean, it’s hard enough to face the world when we’re barraged by backbreaking symptoms. But when the two headed monster thumps its chest, the bottoming out comes quickly – and the fall is hard.

Ready for change

The words of 19th century philosopher and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson…

Man is what he thinks all day long.

True, don’t you think? Woman too, by the way. And we end up walking around with our chins to our chest because of our perceived lack of even an ounce of redeeming value.

Indeed, in our minds we’re exactly what we think all day long – pretty much worthless.

The possibilities are limitless

poor self-esteem

“Yeah, the two headed monster was eating me alive. No more. I’ll size up, engage, and monitor – daily.”

If we can accept – right now – that we’re dangerously low in self-esteem, we have every reason to be optimistic.

That’s because it means we’re ready for change, therefore the possibilities are limitless.

You know what else? We’ll feel so good when our healing self-esteem begins to produce positive results.

And when our symptoms become noticeably less intense, we’ll transition from existing to truly living.

The two headed monster has been neutralized.

Beware the two headed monster

Do you agree that self-esteem is the driving force behind everything we do? If so, you know full well that when it bottoms out, so do you.

Don’t let that happen, okay? Make it your business to size up, engage, and monitor your adversary – daily.

Always, beware the two headed monster.

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