Did you know that ONLY 27% of people over 40 feel Healthy?

Why do only 27% of people over 40 feel healthy? Living a happy and long life requires more than just longevity. You have to establish a high quality of life that makes you want to keep living.

By establishing healthy routines and promoting your body’s vitality, you’ll develop the resiliency to live as old as you want.

When evaluating your daily habits and routines, starting the journey to better health habits and happier life can be difficult.

Along life’s journey, we discover many strategies, tips, and tricks to help support us on the road to resiliency. And every once in a while, we come across products, people, or services that help us maximize our efforts to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

One such nutraceutical is CELLF by Mikra.

Mikra is the culmination of two decades of research and development in the field of biological systems. The team has dedicated itself to understanding how these systems can be harnessed to improve human productivity, health, and well-being.

The results of this research are now available to you in the Mikra product line. Read on as I dive in…

What’s a Nutraceutical?

Nutraceuticals, which have also been called medical foods, designer foods, phytochemicals, functional foods, and nutritional supplements, include everyday products such as “bio” yogurts and fortified breakfast cereals, vitamins, herbal remedies, and even genetically modified foods and supplements.

What is CELLF by Mikra?

This potent super blend supplement supports cellular-level energy and mental clarity. When consumed, it works to restore balance to the body by battling the effects of oxidative stress and harm to internal cellular processes.

The supplement is an intense super blend formula created for people beginning to experience the effects of biological aging, such as low energy, poor sleep quality, brain fog, slower recovery time following strenuous exercise or alcohol indulgence, and chronic inflammation. It is intended to help boost energy and mental focus on a cellular level.

To ensure that the bioactive chemicals are transported to the best place of absorption within the body and straight into cells, it also uses a patented delivery method that transfers glycoprotein.

What is the team’s role?

The team’s active attention is on the most superficial level of your health—your cells.

Every person comprises more than 37 trillion different cells, each with a varied lifespan and set of instructions. They want to maximize their efficiency by reducing and reversing structural damage and avoiding harm from increasing over time.

How does CELLF work?

The supplement is a brand-new cellular therapeutic compound that targets people 30 and older who are beginning to recognize how their biological age affects their day-to-day functioning.

It works in a proprietary oxygen-free environment and only produces small batches of molecular level to support the reduction of systemic weariness, inflammation, and brain fog formation of mitochondria. This improves their effectiveness and helps remove the accumulation of senescent and cell malfunction.

Why do we need it as we age?

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of changes. (9 Physical Changes That Come With Aging)

Our skin becomes thinner and drier, our hair starts to fall out, and we begin to experience more aches and pains. All of these changes are due to the natural aging process. But there are ways to slow the aging process and keep our bodies looking and feeling young.

This supplement harnesses biological systems’ power to help slow the aging process. This is because it has powerful antioxidants which help to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause oxidative stress, which leads to cell damage. This helps to keep your body looking and feeling younger.

CELLF by Mikra – they got it down to a science! – it contains several active ingredients geared to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for keeping our skin looking young and healthy.

CELLF also has lactoferrin, which can help to bind to iron and transport it to cells. This can help improve our cells’ health and keep them functioning correctly.

In addition, lactoferrin’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties can help to inhibit C-reactive protein and protect our cells from damage.

What are its benefits?

Brain and nervous system

As we age, our nervous system degenerates. This can lead to a decline in cognitive function, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease, making it difficult to focus on tasks, remember things, and stay motivated. This supplement’s cognitive-enhancing effects can help improve attention span and focus, making it easier to stay on task and get things done, and can help to protect and preserve the nervous system, keeping our brain sharp as we age.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Acts as a neuroprotectant
  2. Contributes to optimal neurofunction over time
  3. Enhances short-term memory and attention

Heart and Circulatory Health

Keeping the heart healthy is crucial to our overall health. Mikra can help to improve the function of the heart and cardiovascular system by enhancing ATP production. ATP is the energy source the heart uses to pump blood, and by increasing ATP production, the heart works more efficiently. This can lead to improved circulation, reduced cholesterol, and a lower risk of heart disease.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Supports healthy heart & endothelial function
  2. Promotes healthy blood pressure & LDL cholesterol levels
  3. May enhance cardiac ATP production
  4. Protects heart tissues from oxidative stress

Inflammation and Immune Response

This supplement’s active ingredients can help boost the immune system, making it stronger and more effective at fighting infection and disease.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Promotes a reduction in inflammatory markers IL-6 & IL-1
  2. Enhances immune cell response to inflammatory signaling
  3. Preventative inflammatory support

Metabolic system

This supplement’s active ingredients can help improve metabolism, making it more efficient at converting food into energy. It can help to promote healthy liver detoxification by aiding the liver in breaking down and removing toxins from the body more effectively.

There are several active ingredients, including milk thistle and dandelion root, which help to protect the liver cells from damage and help to improve the function of the liver. This can lead to a more effective detoxification process and a healthier liver.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Contributes to healthy aerobic metabolism
  2. Promotes healthy liver detoxification
  3. Supports the metabolism of fat in the liver
  4. Promotes metabolic efficiency through the optimization of cellular function

Performance and recovery

With age, our bodies lose muscle mass and our recovery time from exercise increases. The supplement’s active ingredients can help rebuild muscle tissue and reduce recovery time, allowing us to stay active and healthy as we age.

It can also help reduce exercise-induced muscle fatigue during and after exercise. This can help improve performance and allow us to stay active. The supplement helps to replenish glycogen stores, providing the muscles with the energy they need to stay active. They also help to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow to the muscles, helping to reduce recovery time.

Key Takeaway:

  1. More substantial output during aerobic exercise
  2. Increased muscle power
  3. Improved recovery time
  4. Reduction in exercise-induced muscle fatigue during and after exercise
  5. General improvement in physical performance

Musculoskeletal system

The supplement’s active ingredients can help to strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints, making it more resistant to injury and disease.

And before I forget…

Cellular Function and Healthy Aging with Multi-system Support

  1. Protection from oxidative cell damage due to both internal and external factors
  2. Contributes to the production of cellular energy
  3. Inhibits the overaccumulation of reactive oxygen species and other free radicals
  4. Increases the efficiency of mitochondrial ATP production (energy) and cellular respiration
  5. Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and increases mitochondrial efficiency
  6. Promotes an improvement in sleep quality over six weeks
  7. An increase in sustainable, natural energy, alertness, and activity levels
  8. Reduction of fatigue and/or general tiredness

In conclusion…

CELLF by Mikra is a powerful technology that can be used to harness the power of biological systems. This technology can be used to create new and innovative products that can improve the quality of life for people worldwide. It is an important step forward in developing new and improved products that can make a difference in the world.

To My Community:

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