Emma Hunton weight loss journey: Weight loss from reel to real life

Emma Hunton is a new name in the Hollywood industry. She is a talented actress seen in Movies and American TV shows.

She has undergone a drastic change in her appearance from being overweight to having a fit body. As per some media sources, she has reduced her body weight from 127 kg to 68 kg in a span of 3 years.

Emma Hunton and weight loss connection (Reel and real life)

Emma Hunton has a remarkable body transformation that has inspired millions of people. Her social media fans were amazed to see her new body transformation and reacted with their views when she shared some recent pics.

She is best known for acting on a popular TV show called “Good Troubles” which was centered around body shaming.

In the show, she used to be an overweight girl who was facing consistent criticism for body transformation. She was trolled on social media for losing weight and on her appearance.

But in the real life when Emma Hunton chose to lose weight she received a lot of appreciation than criticism as shown in the show.

Her followers on social media in real life congratulated her for her new body transformation. In the show, when Emma lost weight her followers used to tease her with their comments.

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It is clear that Emma wants to put a strong message through acting and in real life to stop judging people on their appearance.

Today, in this post we will look at the diet and workout of Emma Hungton that made her lose weight.

Emma Hunton Diet Plan to lose weight

As we know to lose weight you need to make some serious changes in your diet and eating habits. And, this is the most difficult thing to do when it comes to weight loss.

But Emma’s dedication and focus on weight loss made it easy to follow her diet strictly. The biggest change that Emma made in her eating habit is to go vegetarian.

She used to consume non-vegetarian food earlier but for weight loss, she chose to be a vegetarian.

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Emma focused more on eating vegetables and fruits and included them in her weight loss diet. Vegetables and fruits are low in calories and very weight loss friendly.

She restricted food and drinks made with processed sugar and focused mainly on other healthier options.

Emma Hunton’s diet breakfast

For breakfast, Emma mostly used to eat oatmeal and berries which are rich in nutrients and support weight loss.

Oats are rich in fiber and other important nutrients that help you in your weight loss. It helps you feel full for a longer duration and stops you from unwanted eating.

Emma Hunton’s diet lunch

You might be wondering what Emma used to eat in her lunch. Her lunch includes a wheat vegetable wrap with olives and grilled leafy vegetables. Vegetables can be eaten in volume as they are low in calories keeping you feeling full for a good time.

For snacks, she refrained from eating unhealthy stuff and focused more on consuming dry fruits like almonds and fruits like apples. She used to sometimes eat a bowl of yogurts as an alternative to all other junk snack options.

Emma Hunton’s diet dinner

Dinner is one of the most important dieting hours. At dinner time, Emma used to eat quinoa with green leafy vegetables and a bowl of green salad.

You can see that she still prefers to eat more and more vegetables to support her weight loss journey. She used to make some small changes to her dinner like making whole-grain bread occasionally.

She has made a lot of such changes in her diet and eating habits to lose weight. She focused more on water intake and refrained from drinking beverages like tea and coffee

To make her diet interesting she used to make some changes to her diet and eating style.

Her weight loss workouts

Like diet, workouts are very necessary to lose weight. Emma was very particular about her workouts like her diet routine.

At the start of her weight loss journey, she focused on doing easy workouts like walking. And this is the best way to start your weight loss journey.

She focused on walking for at least 30 minutes a day. People start with heavy workouts and lose patience in the mid.

Later as she proceeded with her weight loss journey, she started doing little heavy workouts and even joined a gym.

She used to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill and included other workouts like burpees, lunge jumps, pushups, and jumping jacks.

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