Friday Favorites – A Healthy Slice of Life

Happy Friday, y’all! How has your week been? It’s been a heavier week over here. We’re doing fine, but a couple people we are close to are going through some tough times. We’ve been trying to support in the ways we can, which never feels like enough when you just wish you could make it go away for the person.

In our home, it’s been a pretty steady week of returning to homeschooling, and returning to TKD, basketball, and music lessons. It’s nice to get some routine back and a regular week was nice. Mom is coming to visit today, which I’m thrilled about! It’s going to be a low key weekend- making pizza tonight (on Amazon Live I believe), then watching H play basketball, but those are the only concrete plans. I guess we are in the doldrums of January, but it’s a welcomed, relaxed pace after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Before we jump into the weekend, though, here are my favorite things and happenings from the week. If you’d like to play along, share something in the comments that has made your week better!

1. A(nother) Georgia National Championship!

Monday night Georgia took on TCU. Georgia came out looking more fierce than they have looked all season and TCU just didn’t seem ready. Mad respect to TCU, though, what an incredible season they had to make it all the way to the end. And what a fun time to be a dawg fan; back to national championships! I watched it in pajamas on the couch with the family, while texting mom, Kris, and Cara to comment on every other play; it was cozy and exciting!

2. Breathable Long-Sleeve Workout Shirt

I have been living in these long sleeve workout shirts since late November. They are breathable, have thumb holes, and I can layer it under a sweatshirt or coat easily. I have it in multiple colors and wearing that with my favorite workout leggings is all I wear- my winter uniform if you will. If you are looking for comfort and functionality, I highly recommend both!

3. Bread Baking

I’ve had some fun with my sourdough lately. I made my favorite classic recipe from Jen that makes two round loaves, but also have been experimenting with sandwich bread. I baked this honey wheat sourdough loaf and was impressed it turned out even without my started being super active. It’s heartier than most, thanks to the addition of wheat flour and was a fun switch up. I like it for a wheat option, but am partial to the fluffy white.

I also tried this recommended sourdough sandwich loaf and had great results. It was really simple and quick to mix together. I’ll make this one again for sure. and white.

Quick note on bread baking- I learned from Amber’s Kitchen this week to use SHOWER CAPS to cover dough when it’s rising. I had been using grocery bags and this feels like a game changer. I ordered this pack of 100 and plan to resuse them so it should last me forever. They also work well for keeping food covered and fly free until serving.

4. Continuous Glucose Monitor

Mom and I have been wanting to try a CGM for over a year. We’re finally going to do it! Our monitors should show up this weekend (my two week trial is being given in kind; mom purchased hers outright) and we are going to put them on starting Monday. I can not wait to see in real time how my body reacts to different foods, drinks, exercise, and sleep. I’ve been open with my struggles with insulin resistance and estrogen dominance (tied to insulin resistance) and am looking forward to having more concrete data to guide my choices.

I hope that bringing more awareness to this amazing technology will only benefit the marketplace to both create more availability and reduce the price over time. I look forward to sharing this experience and if you have any specific questions, please let me know.

5. Kid Morning Health Tonic

Is it a tonic or just a random combo I’m feeling good about that the kids take without complaint? I’m not sure, but I’ve been giving them elderberry with liquid zinc and a liquid probiotic added to it for over a month now. While they’ve been surrounded by coughing kids at practices and while out and about, they’ve stayed well (knocking on every piece of wood I see now). Maybe it’s just handwashing and luck, but I’ll still continue giving them this combo a 4-5 times a week until spring arrives.

I hope you have a healthy and happy weekend; thanks so much for stopping by the blog today <3

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