NordVPN for 3 Years? Here’s the Best Deal Now

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NordVPN is a popular VPN choice for those who are looking to protect their privacy while providing unrivaled internet security. They also have a couple of great promotions that allow new customers to lock in a low initial price for up to 2 years.

So, does NordVPN have a 3-year plan? NordVPN recently discontinued their 3-year plan, but we found an amazing deal that lasts almost 3 years. In fact, with the youtube deal, you can now lock in an incredible rate for 24 months plus get an extra 4 months free. That’s as close to a NordVPN 3-year deal as you can get!

Here’s the NordVPN (almost) 3-year deal:

nordvpn 3 years promotion
The NordVPN 28-month deal is almost 3 years!

How NordVPN 3 Years Works:

The internet isn’t getting any safer, and more people are obsessed with selling your information than ever. Some countries are even realizing that their own government spies on them! So, whether you want to do freelance work on WIFI at a coffee shop, or just shop online, NordVPN makes your internet activity private while letting you enjoy digital content securely.

Here’s why you should lock in the Nord VPN deal for 3 years, or as long as possible.

Unless human nature evolves quickly, you’re going to probably need Nord VPN for a lot longer than 3 years!

No 3-Year Plan? No Problem

As you can see, the NordVPN 3-year plan is no longer an option:

nordvpn 3 year plan

However, look at that low pricing that you can lock in for 2 years and get 4 free months! With this “almost” 3-year deal you’re actually getting a better average monthly price than the discountinued 3-year plan or the student rate.

Does NordVPN offer a 3-year plan option? While you used to be able to lock in the promotional rate for 3 years at signup, you can only do now for a maximum of 2 years now plus any free months

Even though the 3-year NordVPN subscription plan has been discontinued, I hope we were able to get you the best possible savings. Thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!

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