The 10 most popular items I’ve shared that you’ve bought in 2022 (reader favorites)

This is another interesting one! Today, I’m sharing reader favorites, including the most popular items that I’ve shared on the blog that you’ve bought for yourself (or someone else) in 2022. I love to see what resonates with you and what you want to use/have/wear in your own life.

So how does this work? When I share an affiliate link to a product, I can go back later and see how many people purchased the product. And when I link to something, that always means that I’m a true fan of it. So it means a lot to me that you trust my judgment and decide to order what I’m sharing on the blog and on social media.

By the way, this list of reader favorites for 2022 is very diverse, and it’s cool to see that you’ve enjoyed some of my recommendations spanning from home to fashion to technology. And all of the items on this list are, amazingly, still in stock, so if you see something you missed, get on it.

Please note: I’m not including Les Mills+ streaming workout service, Les Mills equipment or even Beautycounter in these reader favorites. But I’m so very appreciative of those of you who support me there, because that surely keeps the blog running. 🙂 

Here we go. And I’m listing these reader favorites in the order of most ordered by quantity …

The 10 most popular items I've shared that you've bought in 2022 (reader favorites) by A Lady Goes West

1. Invigorate high-rise leggings from Lululemon

Invigorate leggings by A Lady Goes West-2

It makes total sense to me — as a group fitness instructor who puts leggings to the test on the daily in a real way — that the number-one item you have purchased in 2022 based on my recommendations is my favorite pair of leggings, the Invigorate high-rise leggings from Lululemon. I have them in three colors and may order another. Here’s the thing: My local Lululemon doesn’t carry these in the store, so they are only an online purchase. They are compressive, high-waisted, they have pockets, and they move with your body during tough workouts. I wear these at least three times a week, sometimes more. I have camo, green and blue, and I think I want plain black next. I wear a size six in these leggings. If you like workout clothes that work for you and not against you, get these leggings. And yes, they are pricey, but they last and last. Find the Invigorate high-rise leggings from Lululemon here.

2. Thin gold metal matted gallery frame from Target

Gold matted frame by A Lady Goes West

I’m actually really surprised to see this item on the list of reader favorites, because I’m pretty sure I only linked to it one time. That means you were in need of a recommendation for a well-priced, quality gold matted frame for the home. We have maybe 12 of this exact frame all over our house with family pictures in it, mostly the 11×14 size. It looks great in any room. Find the Thin gold metal matted gallery frame from Target here.

3. Vintage long-sleeve sweatshirt from Old Navy 

Vintage sweatshirt by A Lady Goes West

I bought this sweatshirt back in October, and I bought it to go with these matching sweatpants. This is the type of comfy and warm outfit I absolutely live for. Yes, it’s super casual, but yes, I’m into it. When I shared about this outfit, you were excited about the top more than the bottoms, and the sweatshirt quickly made its way up onto this list of most popular reader favorites. I’m wearing a small in the sweatshirt in the red color. I wore it this week, and yes, the price is so right. This is one of those cozy pieces you need in your closet. Find the Vintage long-sleeve sweatshirt from Old Navy here.

4. Short-sleeve UltraLite t-shirt from Old Navy

Cropped tee by A Lady Goes West

I love to see that expensive high-quality leggings make this list, but then this type of simple basic t-shirt makes the list too — because that’s how I dress and shop too. I first found this style t-shirt at Old Navy in-person, then went ahead and ordered a second color online. I actually wore this shirt just last week under a cardigan. It’s fitted, it has a slightly cropped bottom, but it meets the top of high-waisted leggings, so it doesn’t really show any midrift. I wear a small in this top, and you can’t beat the price. I have green and white and maybe need another color. Find the Short-sleeve UltraLite t-shirt from Old Navy here.

5. White Vans Seldan leather sneakers from DSW

Vans for women for 2022 by A Lady Goes West

I bought these simple leather white sneakers for myself in October. And I’ve been wearing them nonstop since then. They came with me on our Orlando trip and on our Atlanta trip. I also featured these sneakers on my “The best gifts for women for 2022,” and I think that’s where they took off. They are the perfect white casual sneaker. They are a tiny bit loose, but I like them that way. Find the White Vans Seldan leather sneakers from DSW here.

6. Wireless bluetooth earbuds (Apple AirPods dupe) from Amazon

Amazon earbuds by A Lady Goes West

The only reason I have these earbuds is because I lost two sets of more expensive Apple AirPods and Dave thought we should get me a cheaper set. He was right. I’ve had these since July and have kept them safe. They work great. They are super affordable. A win-win. By the way, I suggested these originally in this post: “Three affordable imitation items I’ve been loving over the real thing.” Find the Wireless bluetooth earbuds here

7. Clear jelly Apple Watch strap from Amazon

Clear watch strap by A Lady Goes West

This one makes me happy, because it’s so inexpensive, and yet, it’s an essential item if you wear an Apple watch like I do. I had previously worn nicer straps, then I realized I wanted more of a “bumper” case that was more protective and would hold up for workouts. I found this clear strap and absolutely loved it. I wore this Apple watch strap for quite some time, and I recently upgraded to another incredibly similar one in a clear black shade. It’s fun to switch out your watch straps more frequently, and the price point on these lets you do that. Find the Clear jelly Apple Watch strap from Amazon here

8. Woven blue runner rug from Target

Blue runner rug by A Lady Goes West

I’m definitely not a home-design expert, so this one surprises me. When I shared the post about our kitchen refresh (“A look at our kitchen refresh“) quite a few of you ordered the blue woven runner that we bought. It’s a bright beautiful blue, with some grey-ish accents, and it has tassels, which I love. We’ve been very happy with this runner in our kitchen, because it doesn’t show stains, and I’m sure there are plenty on it. Find this affordable Woven blue runner rug from Target here.

9. Stretch high-rise jogger from Lululemon

Lululemon highrise joggers by A Lady Goes West

Honestly, I didn’t even know these amazing women’s pants were back in stock, because that means I need to order another color. I have them in black, and they are comfy, sleek and fashionable. And literally, every time I wear these joggers, I get a compliment on my outfit. And that happens no matter what else I’m wearing with them, so it’s got to be these pants. I wear a size six in these. And I’m so glad some of you have decided to be comfortable in these joggers too. They are life changing (okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean). Find the Stretch high-rise jogger from Lululemon here

10. 1.STATE puff sleeve rib knit top from Nordstrom

Black puffy sleeve shirt by A Lady Goes West

I love a good sleeve on a top, especially a puffy sleeve. I’ve worn this top a few times, and usually tucked into denim shorts or tucked into my white jeans. I think this top originally appeared in this post, “Six things I’ve bought to wear this spring 2022.” I have this top in black in a small, and it’s a solid item to have in the closet, so totally a worthy top 10 on my reader favorites for 2022. Find the 1.STATE puff sleeve rib knit top from Nordstrom here.

And that concludes my list of reader favorites for 2022. Thank you for reading!

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