Vistaprint 50% Off Coupon? Here’s the Best Code Now

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Vistaprint is a top choice for small businesses and people looking for top-quality custom printing at a discount price. Over the years they’ve had several popular promotions including free business cards, 500 cards for $10, 33% off, and their famous sales for up to 80% off.

You’ve probably also seen their online ads and tv commercials for up to 50% off your entire order.

So, is the 50% off coupon still available? It’s rare, so here are today’s best VistaPrint coupons plus more about how Vistaprint 50% off works.

Best VistaPrint Coupons Now:

Whether or not there’s currently a sale for up to 50% off going on, you can still save up to $50+ on your entire order with these featured promotions:

New Customers: 25% Off

1. Plus free shipping on qualifying $75+ orders. Great discount for new…Show More
1. Plus free shipping on qualifying $75+ orders. Great discount for new accounts. View promo code: Show Less
Deals of the Week!

2. Featured promotions. Up 50% discount and free shipping on holiday…Show More
2. Featured promotions. Up 50% discount and free shipping on holiday cards, business cards, postcards, canvas, and more. View deals: Show Less
$60 Off $400+

6. Or take $40 off $300+. Plus, free shipping possible on qualifying…Show More
6. Or take $40 off $300+. Plus, free shipping possible on qualifying orders. Great coupon for large orders. Click for promo code: Show Less

You can see all of our Vistaprint coupons listed on this page. Now, here’s more about how it’s possible to get 50% off your order.

How to Get 50% or $50 Off at

There are 3 ways to get 50% off at VistaPrint:

  1. Their holiday or seasonal sale for “up to 50% off” entire order
  2. A promo code for up to 50% off or $50 off $300+ orders
  3. Up to 50% off your first order

Here’s more about how you can still get 50% off at

The VistaPrint 50% Off Sale:

You may have seen commercials for up to 50% off at VistaPrint:

Or, the once omnipresent online banners advertising their one-day 50% off sale:

vistaprint 50 off sale

So, is it still possible to get 50% off at Vistaprint? Your best bet for getting 50% off at VistaPrint is during one of their seasonal sales. While they do say “up to 50% off,” most products are closer to 20% off. However, if your product is among the ones featured in the top-tier discount, you really can save 50%!

Look for the seasonal 50% off sales before holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day, and Black Friday /Cyber Monday.

The other possible way to get 50% off at Vistaprint is with a promo code. Here’s how that works.

VistaPrint Promo Code 50% Off:

It’s also possible to get 50% off your entire VistaPrint order if there’s a code available.

vistaprint 50 off coupon

Usually, these 50% off codes work toward specific products or are reserved for new customers only.

If your order doesn’t qualify for 50% off you’ll usually still get a 20% discount.

Tip: It’s possible to get $50 off your VistaPrint order with their “buy more save more” coupons which can save you $50 on $300+ orders!

Popular VistaPrint 50% Off Coupons:

  • Get up to 50% off storewide with code: SALE50 or GET50
  • Up to $50 off with buy more save more code: SAVEMORE
  • Take 50% off graduation announcements and invitations with code: GRAD50OFF
  • Get 50% off 500 business cards with promo code: VISTAPRINT50OFF (exp.)

Up to 50% Off Your First VistaPrint Order:

New customers are always offered the best promotions. That’s because a company like VistaPrint will actually offer a promo code or coupon so good that they can lose money on your first order hoping that you’ll be a repeat customer.

Getting 50% off as an existing customer is a lot harder!

Why Are You Really Searching for 50% Off?

The number 50 itself has significance, and it’s quite relevant to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“Angel “Number 50 reminds you to be brave, confident, diligent, and optimistic are all things that you do, including welcoming change. Explore your potential with all the courage in this world. Some things may seem far-fetched in your opinion, but do not be afraid of following them and making your dreams come true. In cases of doubt, call upon your guardian angels to give you the guidance you so desire.”


You might be searching for a VistaPrint 50% off coupon, but subconsciously you might be searching for a little bit more, including making your dreams come true!

Is Half-Off at the Best Deal?

If the 50% off sale is running it’s likely the best deal for your order. However, if you have a large order over $300, do consider the $50 off code as a second option.

We also have coupons for other printing companies like Shutterfly, Custom Ink, and Snapfish.

Even if there isn’t a 50% or $50 off coupon available now, I hope we were able to get you the best possible savings at Thanks for stopping by Wonky Pie!

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