VKTRY Insoles Review | Carbon Fiber Insoles for Athletes

There are plenty of carbon fiber running shoes out there, but what about a carbon fiber plate insole that can be added to a shoe you already enjoy? This VKTRY insoles review will help breakdown the science and the feel of using them in your training.

While my focus is around running, you’ll easily see how it transfers to basketball, soccer and other sports.

VKTRY Carbon Fiber Insoles Review

The carbon fiber plate insole from VKTRY is a stiffer insole, so when you land there’s more shock absorption and energy returned into your legs. Think of your feet acting like a spring as you run. We need the stiffness in our ankles to support them spring off.

Wearing a super cushioned shoe, your foot sinks in with each step, thus you’re missing the energy return, speed and power.

You may have heard that there are shoes that can give you a 4% return, but studies are showing that’s not quite accurate. You could probably expect a 1% pace improvement from using carbon fiber plate insoles.

There are two versions of VKTRY insoles:

  • Gold- 100% Aerospace-grade Carbon Fiber
  • Silver- Slightly less powerful, better for long distances and more affordable

See VKTRY insoles comparison chart >>

These are not going to work in every shoe. Shoes that have a taller or wider upper fit will work best. It is important to point out that these insoles are not going to bend and mold to your shoe.


Unlike other insoles you are not going to cut down the edges to fit it inside your shoe. When purchasing through the VKTRY website you will be prompted with questions like gender, weight and shoe size to ensure that you are getting the appropriate insole for your foot.

Customer service is also super helpful if you are struggling to find an insole that is perfect to go with your favorite running shoe.

Unlike others, this insole has arch support and cushion in the heel. Make sure to remove the shoes original insole before adding the Vktry insole.

Lifespan of the insole

It’s said that the insole will last a year assuming you are running in them all the time.

Unlike the carbon fiber shoes that break down much more quickly because of the shoe cushion. The insoles are stiffer and can be rotated through any shoe.

Who should use carbon fiber insoles?

The obvious benefit is the reduction of energy wasted when we are running longer. But these insoles are also awesome for speed and shorter distances like the 5k and 10k.

The insoles will also help if you are dealing with the following issues:

  • Shin splints
  • Ankle issues
  • Achilles
  • Plantar Fasciitis

The stiffer insole that provides energy absorption and return makes a big difference. This insole can help improve the shock absorption, taking strain off of the muscles in your foot.

Transitioning to wearing carbon fiber

Any time that you are making changes with your footwear, do not go 100% in to avoid injuries!

When you receive the VKTRY insoles, there’s a sheet included of how to slowly transition to using the Vktry insoles. The insole is going to change the way your foot is hitting the ground and the way that your muscles work.

Carbon fiber insoles should not be used for every single run with the exception of those experiencing issues such as Plantar Fasciitis and Shin Splints. Otherwise, as a running coach, I recommend using them for speedwork and shorter races. 

Carbon Fiber Insoles Benefits

  • Studies are showing that the insoles are reducing pain. One study specifically looked at osteoarthritis in the midfoot that had a reduction in pain.
  • Providing more stiffness for those who deal with frequent lower leg injuries.
  • Others are looking at speed and results have shown that there has been improvement there.

Remember, this is not going to make you miraculously faster, but it will give you a 1% energy return that may just help you get that new PR!

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